Busy this weekend with general rehearsals in Östermalm. This is the second time I and Aldrich de Leon will be hosting or emceeing a Filipino charity show in Sweden. It is slated on December 17 in Spånga.

It is a christmas show highlighting schoolgirls and grown-up ladies. It will be a pageantry of christmas fantasy figures and sport attire for the kids, and swimsuits and cocktail dresses for the older ladies.

The show is for the benefit of poor school kids in the southern region of the Philippines. Organizer: MJS Foundation.

Here’s a youtube-link to the video when we combined fun with business at the general rehearsals: “General rehearsals for filipino charity show”

And here’s a link to the general rehearsal at the old charity show, which took place this August: “Girls just wanna have fun”

I would like to make a video of the old charity show but since I was busy emceeing, I couldn’t film. Can any of the former participants send me short film clips via Facebook so I can put them together?