The spring chicken. I myself used to be a "spring chicken". But not anymore.

The spring chicken. I myself used to be a “spring chicken”. But not anymore.

What was the fuss about Stallmästaregården in Solna, Sweden? – I thought angrily as we sat at our table, eating dinner with my touristing aunt and cousin.

I ordered baked polenta with grilled oyster. I was hoping it would taste as good as the polentas I tasted in Transylvania. Instead it was very salty, with an equally salty grilled oyster.  It cost 185 crowns, something that for me, tasted mediocre.

M:s spring chicken was small and bony. Well, it was after all spring chicken.

But the worse part was that two of the three waiters/waitresses that served us were so much in a turbo hurry! Like rushing us to eat!

I felt frustrated that a restaurant so popular, with high price rates, could be quite mediocre.

I questioned M for this choice of restaurant. Then he reminded me that I was the one who chose it, because I was curious about it.

Gooseberry with ice-cream.

Gooseberry with ice-cream.

Stallmästaregården, now called Stallis, is a historic inn at Haga in Solna. It has existed since the 17th century, with the Swedish queen Christina frequenting the area, because she used to ride her horse there. Stallmästaregården has also been mentioned often in the famous Swedish writer August Strindberg’s books.

I don’t care much about Strindberg. As far as I know he was a woman-hater.

I am more fascinated with the accounts of Queen Christina riding in the area. I like powerful, rich and scandalous women who followed their will and brushed off people’s opinion about them. Life is short enough for one to be encaged in the whims of tradition and social expectations.

Christina was intelligent, one of the most educated women of her time (1600s).  She loved culture and arts. She was fickle-minded and moody.

Baked polenta with grilled king oyster.

Baked polenta with grilled king oyster.

She rejected women’s sexual role in the society (probably because she was bisexual or homo herself? Don’t take that as a fact, I’ve heard it as rumor. And I can imagine that being the case). She refused to marry. She converted to Catholicism. She wore manly clothes, something that irked many.

In short, she was a rebel. I like intelligent, powerful, strong-willed female rebels – and sophisticated to boot.