snapseedAll tourists in Stockholm go to the parklike island of Djurgården. So of course I brought aunt and cousin there, too. My cousin is a museum-goer, and all of the city’s top museums are gathered there.

She and eight-year old Tuwa  were the energetic ones. They went to Junibacken, Skansen and Vasamuseet. Aunt and I laid our picnic mat on the grass, or bench, or wherever we could lay on, and took it easy.

I had been with little T on Djurgården many times. Little T even held her 8th birthday party with friends at Aquaria, so I was frazzled about inching my way through the thick tourist crowd.

My aunt had visited Sweden twice before, and each time we went to Djurgården. This time she just wanted to take it easy, especially since we just got back to Sweden from a long road trip in the Baltic states.

Cousin liked Junibacken very much. And got really exhausted in Skansen.