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The town hall in Tallinn is Northern Europe’s only surviving late Gothic town hall. It’s a major tourist spot.

We went to see its tower because Marcus needed to take pictures of the city view. It’s what he does for a living – travelling and taking travel shots which are later used by in-flight magazines and advertisers. He has a very good eye for shot angles, can photoshop like a magician and strong enough to walk miles while carrying all his equipment. That man never tires.

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The traveling trinity.

The other day, my friend Thelma Mälarsten and I bumped into each other. She said: “My, you travel every week.”

My answer: “Nah. Not every week. But yeah, quite often.”

Marcus does a lot of further travelling on his own, leaving me and Tuwa behind. But not for very long periods. We meet up somewhere. For instance, if he would be away for three weeks, then we would meet up with him on the last week wherever he was.

I am crazy about travelling, I explained to my friend. C’mon, my job recently has also meant writing a lot of crime news, and reading all those court cases with terrible crimes crush my rose-colored reading glasses. I need to get out and travel and pamper myself to reassure me, that life is good – and not all murder, manslaughter, assault, theft, etcetera.

Before the reorganization at work, I used to be a culture editor and just focused on culture. My world was about music, concerts, theaters, art, books and school culture. But since we got fewer in the media organization, I now have to do police and crime besides local politics. Reading some of the crime cases really destroy my image of a beautiful, sheltered world. Sometimes, after reading a case, I would shake and get so scared or angry, or simply feel for throwing up. And I am quite new in writing such reports compared to the others who have grown calloused. So it pops my bubble of joy. Ergo, I have to travel as much as I can (Besides the fact that travelling has always been my only ambition in life). While others drink and party, all I ever really want for fun is to travel. And Marcus has to keep doing it, or he gets no money :-).

The town hall in Tallinn.

The town hall in Tallinn.

Anyway, back to the Gothic town hall of Tallinn…

The goal was to ascend the top of Tallinn’s town hall tower.

The book Eyewitness Travel says that there were only 115 steps, but my aunt and a Norwegian guy counted more.

The space in the tower was so small, there was nothing to do there but to look a little bit down at the town hall square, sit a bit to give the legs some rest, then walk back down and hope that the clock hasn’t reached full hour because the bell will start ringing.

In the old days, guards manned the tower to watch for possible enemy troops or fire. When something endangered the city, the alarm bell in the belfry was rung.

Nowadays, there is but a faux friar who guards the entrance to the tower and asks for entrance fee.

In this link are things to see around the town hall square: “Around town hall square”