Yellow quince and pink rhubarb.

Yellow quince and pink rhubarb.

Quice bush in mom-in-law's garden.

Quice bush in mom-in-law’s garden.

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We had just arrived in Tallinn and were hungry like wolves. We took a walk along Viru Street, and Marcus saw The Farm, which he remembered was one of the city’s best.

The restaurant looked boxy and boring from outside. I was a little hesitant. But then my cousin saw the sign on the window: “One of the best restaurants in Estonia.” And not just Tallinn! Let’s do it!” I said. No more hesitation.

The interior was nice. Bourgeois. Even the taxidermied boar, bear and fox looked bourgeois. The fox had a nice pretty hat, bag and jewelry. And the hare seemed to be the butler.

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That's me looking for quince in mom-in-law's garden,

That’s me looking for quince in mom-in-law’s garden,

The food was good. The restaurant serves Estonian dishes. We ordered deer and duck. Grilled red deer striploin from Saaremaa island with veggies, wild mushroom orsotto and juniper wine sauce.

Marcus ordered cooked duck fillet with smoky rice.

We also ordered three kinds of juice – two of which I have never tasted before, quince and rhubarb. Later on I would find out that mother-in-law has a quince bush in her garden. She didn’t know what to use it for, besides marmalade. So we encouraged her to make juice.

And here’s a video of us eating freshly-picked rhubarb stalk in Finland: “Tasting rhubarb”