Pärnu beach. It’s famous in the region. People say it’s Baltic Sea at its best. When we got there early evening after a visit in the town Pärnu, I fell in love.

The sand is white and soft. Just like Boracay in the Philippines. There are bars and restaurants, too. But unlike Boracay, Pärnu is not as crowded.

There are play areas for kids. Where they can climb, and do a “do-it-yourself carousel”.

Like the Californian beaches, there is a cottage for lifeguards. And volleyball areas. But since Pärnu is in Europe, there is a quieter, calmer feel in the beach, which I like. The water in Pärnu is warmer, too. It is shallow, even for almost a thousand meters I think, before it starts getting deep, so it feels safe for kids. And there are no rocks to cut those tiny feet.

Pärnu is the summer capital of Estonia, and I am glad we came. Russians and Finns are mostly its tourists And its beach is something I would like to come back to again. More about the town Pärnu later.


Pärnu beach is also the place where “Tuwa, the gymnast is born”. My cousin Wawi is ever supportive of Tuwa’s cartwheels and hanging in monkey bars. She is almost like a trainer, or a manager, or a coach as Tuwa does her stunts.

It was in Pärnu beach that my cousin said: “Tuwa ought to be a gymnast”.

And that inspired Tuwa. She kept showing off her stunts and skills to Tita Doc during the entire summer trip 2016. Now, two weeks since they had left us in Sweden, Tuwa is enrolled at a gymnastics class in Sollentuna. She will be training Fridays and Sundays.


In our neighborhood parkour park in Sweden.

Thanks for the legacy, Tita Doc. This blog post is a tribute to you.