The highlights of our stay in Pärnu were the adventure park in Valgerand and the beach in Pärnu. In this blog post, I will talk about the adventure park and its nearby beach, golf club and summer camp.

I thought I wouldn’t enjoy Valgerand Adventure Park, that only my eight-year old girl would have fun. Wrong! I got excited by the time I reached my first tree and first platform!

Check the top of the trees!

Check the top of the trees!

Valgerand adventure park has several trails of different difficulties. My family and aunt, aged 63, took the first four trails – the easier ones, considering we had a young kid. My cousin, in the meantime, took the tougher adult trails. Being a cyclist and swimmer, she’s definitely fit for the  harder challenge.

Just when I thought that balancing on branches and suspended bridges was hard enough, my daughter suddenly called out “Now we have to walk on a rope!”

And walk we did on a rope. I felt like a tightrope walker. Albeit with lines to hold on to, Plus a safety line to keep me from breaking my head and body in case of a fall. But fall I didn’t. No one did, in fact. The deeper we got into the trails, the harder the challenges, the higher the platforms and the trees got farther apart . To keep me from losing my confidence, I mumbled a mantra for the harder parts: “I am a monkey, I am monkey.” It actually worked. My cousin said she heard me while she stood below and waited for us to finish (yes, she completed the harder trails fast). So I suppose I wasn’t mumbling my mantra? It was probably more like echoing cries.

My aunt was the oldest person in the adventure park. There were no other retirees in the trees. The only thing that aborted her mission was an emergency visit to the toilet. We had to catch the attention of one of the employees to bring her down with a ladder – and quick! -so she could run off to the toilet. She was not the only one who needed to be saved. There were other kids stranded – although not because they needed to pee.

What's aunt looking out for?

What’s aunt looking out for?

I was so proud of Tuwa. I was so scared for her, scared that she would lose her balance, or her courage, but she kept on. She was so cool about it. As though she were Tarzan-ess,

Happily after completing the trails, we wanted to have lunch at the beach, but it was already late at 2 pm, and the restaurant kitchen closed. So we headed to the nearby White Beach Golf club, a luxurious way to enjoy the sunny day after the triumph of climbing and swinging from tree to tree. I still remember what I ate (thanks to pictures): wasabi duchess potato and onion jam with pork tenderloin, fried broccoli and mushroom sauce.

We had so much fun at Valgerand (or Valgeranna) that we came back days later (after our stay in Riga). We stayed in the beach this time, to allow Tuwa to enjoy Pärnu bay (and drains into the Gulf of Riga), which is said to be the most important coastal fishing area in Estonia. As always, I had my umbrella even in the beach.

Alas there was no clean toilet near the beach. The toilets were in fact very yucky (but nothing beats the yuckiness of the toilets in Yosemite Park in the USA). So we just couldn’t dare sit there.

At the golf club.

At the golf club.

We were thinking of either hitting the bush or crashing in to the golf club when we chanced upon a “summer camp” that offered cheap coffee and tea plus access to toilet. But besides these, Tuwa also got some stickers and a chance to paint a stone – it was an activity for kids in that “summer camp”. They were very friendly, the staffers. But the tea was terrible.

Now our whole family is hooked to adventure parks. As of today, 12 August, Tuwa and Marcus had been to a smaller adventure park in Tullinge, Sweden. Tuwa wants to have a birthday party in an adventure park, too.

(Note: don’t miss the video above!)