From Tallinn, we stayed three days in Sauga, Estonia (before moving further to Riga, Latvia).

We stayed in an apartment at Hirvela 5, a quiet residential area. It has two bedrooms, a big hall with a spacious hall closet, and an open plan kitchen and living room. Since it is on the ground floor, we could open the glass door in the living room and voila, Tuwa had access to grass where she did cartwheels.


Mima and Wawi felt it was the homiest apartment in our whole trip.

Wawi thought though that it could have been better if we stayed in Pärnu for the access to the town beach. But Marcus chose this because of its nearness to the adventure park, which also has a beach, albeit smaller. Plus, the apartment has good reviews and a washing machine (it’s a road trip, we need to do the laundry!)

It’s a homey apartment alright, but I would like to suggest air conditioners in the bedrooms (and not just in the living room). Living in a house with floor-to-ceiling glass walls can be very warm in the summer days.

The rent was at 170 euros for two nights, we treated aunt and cousin.

In the video above I also show the supermarket, Selver, where we bought our grocery. I was intrigued by Ugly but loveable, a delicious green drink, so we bought it. We bought Värska original, the worse tasting water I’ve ever bought. It tasted like salt water! The video also shows a simple pizzeria, whose pizza was actually good!