Tuwa has been clingy since yesterday, when cousin and aunt left Sweden. She passed through their bedroom, saw that it was empty and flinched. Then she hugged me, cried and said she missed them. And I miss them, too, I said. I showed her my blog – with all these pictures with our adventures with them, and it comforted her.

Now I made a video from more pics from Finland (check film above). The first set of pictures shows our boat ride from the family’s own little “Playa del Sol” out to Västanfjärdsviken.

L-Å strictly told Marcus to “take the ladies to see the Baltic Sea.” So Marcus dragged the small family boat and took us a bit beyond Gräggnäs beach. We didn’t go all the way to the Baltic Sea, fearing we would run out of gas. He didn’t feel for pumping gas either – he felt lazy to take the boat all the way to Lamalla.

We waved our hands to each boat we met. Most people waved back except for a boat with three grouchy fishermen. One of them bashfully waved his hand, but when he saw his companions ignore us, he stopped.

During the entire short boat trip, I protected myself from the sun with a red umbrella. Anyway, I am glad we had enough life vest, although Marcus didn’t wear one. He should!

Speaking of boating: you can’t just fish anywhere without a fishing license – unless it’s one of those bigger bodies of water where simple fishing with a rod is allowed. It’s not allowed to fish in public beaches because the hook can hurt a bather. Just saying. Because I wrote a news article reminding about fishing rules in Sweden today. Tuwa catches worms and catches fish with these, but she does it within the family’s property.

There were also jetskis in the bay. In Sweden, and probably even in Finland – jetskiers shouldn’t speed especially near shores or banks where bathers are. Common sense. Nobody wants to hit a swimmer’s head.

Harriet  made Janssons frestelse, a Swedish dish made of anchovies and potatoes. Frestelse means temptation in Swedish. I actually always say the wrong thing and call it Johan’s frestelse.

We made sure to go to the library – because there’s wifi there. Marcus said we ought to have wifi in the cabin, to skip visiting the library.

Chanterelles abound there. I often mistake them as yellow leaves on the ground, so I don’t bother picking.

When Marcus and the others had picked chanterelles, aunt and I made instant pancit canton mixed with chanterelles. My cousin said that that was the most expensive pancit canton ever  – considering the chanterelles.

I love the view from the family’s country cottage. I love the soft carpet feel of lichens under my feet. I cherish that I have both families in one place at one time. It is a gift.

More videos in youtube – Jeanina Santiago.