I haven’t been blogging for days. We have been to so many places, have seen and experienced so many things, have walked what seems like a thousand miles :-). In the evenings, I simply feel exhausted and cannot blog.

But I have to go on. My blog is my chronicle. I live alone  without roots in Sweden. My only fruit is Tuwa. When my memory fades, and I end up old here, my blog will serve as my gallery of happy moments. (I will fill my new blog. I will fill it even with materials from the old blogs, so I will have every memory in one place.)

It is almost 7 am as I am writing this. I wasn’t able to sleep well last night. My throat hurts. And so does my heart. Three weeks have passed since I started blogging about my relatives’ visit, and today – specifically at lunch – they are leaving.

Tuwa, who slept beside me, also felt sad. I could feel it.

Thank you, Mima and Wawi, for adding dimension to our lives. It was a brief three-week stay that felt like a lifetime. Summer 2016 will be remembered.

In the coming blog posts I will continue from where I have left off….Now let’s reminisce the nature trail deep into the woods of Lamalla, Finland.

On our second to the last day in Finland, my mother-in-law and her hubby led us on  a nature trail leading to the top of a hill in Lamalla, where one can see the village below and the bay.

We picked raspberries and chanterelles along the way. Tuwa was so excited each time she found mushrooms, because then she had something to shout out and brag about. She was especially excited to show a group of parasites – the Dutchman’s pipe – a really pale-looking plant that does not contain chlorophyll (green pigment), and that lives through parasitism on fungi (mushrooms) and not through photosynthesis.

Oh did Tuwa shout in glee! I wish I had filmed that detail, but I was so busy taking the picture of the plant, and listening to Tuwa, that I forgot to film.

We walked far – where trees, mosses and lichens got thicker so it looked like a troll forest and the mosquitoes flocked and got aggressive. Ergo the shawls to protect our faces. And it was cold! So cold and full of buzzing mosquitoes that we had to walk fast – to save our blood from either freezing or being sucked by a swarm of mosquitoes.

My aunt was laughing the whole time. Like a madman. I believe it is her defense mechanism. The stronger the wind blew, the louder, the crazier she laughed. She kept saying that she didn’t expect summer to be mercilessly cold in this part of the world.

Upon reaching the top of the hill, we rested a little. The cold wind was gushing so we had to rush back down.

To reward a work well done, we went to the town restaurant, Krogen Eugenia, and enjoyed dinner. My aunt’s treat.

Check the video above if you want to see “details” from the nature trail. (All my personal videos are in youtube. Just look for Jeanina Santiago.)

And here’s the link to a shorter video from the video trail with our voices instead of music: Click this link in youtube.

PS I hardly have the time to edit my work – so if you see any mistakes, just let me know so I can correct it, ok?