Tuwa insisted on swimming – specifically with Tita Doc. So we all indulged her. We went to Gräggnäs beach in Västanfjärd one gray, cold day in July. It is very near Marcus’ mom’s summer place.

Gräggnäs has a changing room, an outdoor toilet and a five-meter diving tower. We used none of these.



Before finding a patch to place our mats on, we were scouring the grass, carefully finding a place that was free from bird droppings. There were lots of ducks and geese around.


There was a group of kids who had just finished swimming. We couldn’t understand how they could manage the cold.


Aunt and I huddled on the mats, we were wrapped in blankets. I was even wearing a thick green robe – the one that Marcus’ late grandmother used to have. We didn’t care that we looked too wrapped to be in the beach.

I envied Tuwa’s rashguard. I should have one myself. She seemed comfortable with the weather. Or was she just trying to impress us?


She was the only one who dipped chin-deep into the water. Tita Doc and Marcus hovered around her, and got their ankles wet.

I have to say that our newly-bought beach shoes and compact towels were worth buying. Thanks, relatives for the recommendation!


PS Wawi and Mima, do tell mom not to come to Sweden in January. It’s definitely a month she will regret coming to Scandinavia.