Ikea is not one of the ten tourist highlights in Stockholm. I brought my aunt and cousin there anyway. After all, Ikea is known the world over.

I was not impressed with Ikea back in the 1990’s. Although its furniture has practical self-building designs. But its design has improved through the years. Even Oprah has recommended some Ikea furniture.

Its founder, Ingvar Kamprad, started the company when he was 17 years old. It used to be a mail order company selling christmas cards after World War II, according to a book “Xenophobe’s guide to the Swedes”. Now Ikea is in over 40 countries with over 200 stores.

Some time ago, Ingvar Kamprad was among the top five richest people in the world, together with Bill Gates and other american bigwigs.

I interviewed journalist Elisabeth Asbrink who wrote a book criticizing Ingvar Kamprad’s old links with fascists. She boycotts Ikea. But Ingvar Kamprad has donated lots of money to charity, for which reason I think people have forgiven whatever fascist relations he has had.

When we visited Ikea Barkaby, we hopped from different kitchens, to living rooms, bedrooms and even the beach. Of course we took lots of pictures! The other customers didn’t mind. In fact, I think they were amused. They were smiling as they saw us frantically posing and taking photos in different “settings”.