In Sweden there are no signs saying “No trespassing” in the forest. That’s because of allemansrätten, a right that gives nature lovers access to the forest. People can pick berries, flowers, nuts, fruits. They can camp and sleep overnight. But they should do so with full respect back to the forest. Littering and disturbing the quiet is a no-no.

Allemansrätten is unique for Sweden.

So when my aunt and cousin came, we introduced them to allemansrätten already on the first day. We happened to see edible as well as killer snails, a legless lizard which scared aunt because it looks like a snake, juniper, a thistle variety and blueberries.

We also went to give respect to Snow White, our late hamster. We buried her in the forest of Bergshamra in June 2016.

Here’s a video showing our forest walk: “A walk in a small forest in Stockholm.”

And here’s a video showing the funeral of Snow White: “In memory of SNow White.”