imageOn sunny summer days, we hang out in the playground or the garden as much as possible. C’mon, summer in Sweden is short! And summer is not always sunny! So of course we rush to the park for a picnic – with crazy gusto – when the sun is out. There’s a lot of climbing and running and playing and sun-worshipping to do.

Aunt, cousin and Tuwa wanted to pick some cherries. I never really noticed those cherries before – probably it’s because I am allergic to them. They’re right outside the building where we live.

(Here’s a link to our youtube video showing what they did in the block – just click:¬†cherry picking, acrobatic at the playground and all.

imageThe playground was empty when we had a picnic there. Although Tuwa had a glimpse of her friend John at a distance (the son of my friend/neighbor/doctor). He goes to the same art class as she does.

There usually are wild rabbits around the block. Although they weren’t around when we were out – they must be hopping elsewhere. They have descended from old pets that have been abandoned in Solna. Solna used to have big problems with “stray” rabbits before. So much that the rabbits were shot as a solution in the early 2000’s.

Cherry tree

Cherry tree

Near the playground is a little red shed for a rabbit club whose young members keep their rabbits in the shed. It’s a solution for families with animal allergy.

The next day, relatives and Tuwa went to look for more cherries and used an umbrella for picking. Later that evening, Tuwa felt pain in the stomach. She threw up. She felt sick and fell asleep. It must have been a combination of exhaustion, excitement and cherries. At 2 am, she woke up again and threw up a little bit more. I couldn’t sleep after that.

This is the second sleepless night. Excitement, Tuwa’s exhaustion and the early sunrise (around 3am) keep me awake. I need badly to sleep soundly.