So what will I let them experience first? What is the thing that Swedes are best at, the thing they do frequently? Recycling!

Whether in the smaller local area – which is just a hundred meters from home, or the bigger recycling area in Bromma. Swedes recycle a lot. Plastic materials are separated from metals and paper. Those can be thrown in the nearby recycling station.

More complicated materials and bigger stuffs can be thrown in the condo garbage room – but it’s open only on Thursdays. So bigger items we throw in Bromma.

This is what my cousin and aunt have to say about their recycling experience:


“I like this way of recycling. Because recycling in the Philippines is not taken seriously. In the Philippines, people throw all sorts of garbage in the garbage container, which a garbage truck picks up to transfer to a dump site, where workers recycle. So recycling is a means of living.”


“I like that Swedes start young in learning to recycle. Tuwa is just eight, and she already knows where to place the materials. It is good to learn how to recycle young, so people become aware of the impact of garbage in the environment.”

In short: thumbs up for recycling! More recycling in the world, please!