I have only five minutes to write this. I am in a hurry to go to gym. ¬†There’s a Circle class at 10 am. Don’t ask me what Circle is, I don’t know what it is, never done it before. Going anyway.

I woke up at 7:30 am. With Tuwa lying by my side. Yes, she she came home last night. Her aunt called and asked hubby to pick Tuwa up because she wanted to come home. It was past eleven in the evening. When Tuwa got home, we welcomed her with candy, chips and watermelon party. And we watched the film “Sky high” for the umpteenth time.

Anyway, I couldn’t start the day writing my book or blog – since I get dizzy if I write so early. So I called mom. She said she missed me because I didn’t call her yesterday. I call her every day during weekdays (since the past two weeks).

She gave me an idea to my book. (Yes she said, “Here’s an idea to your book!”) It’s a news of what happened in a town in Southern Philippines. That multitudes of flies – the likes that pestered Egypt during the time of Moses (now that’s me exaggerating things) swarmed the town after a heavy rainfall. Flies were everywhere. People had to eat under mosquito nets to keep the flies from swarming their food. She said that people didn’t have septic tanks in that area. Or that chicken dung were dried openly because they were used to feed tilapia. That was why flies swarmed the place.

Then besides chicken dung and swarming flies, she also added ideas about erupting volcanoes from which creepy giant ants came out.

Yup, that’s the kind of conversation I have with my mother.

We also gossiped about a Filipino celebrity who writes columns (or used to write columns perhaps?) about child-rearing in the Philippines. I said I admire her for many things, but not for these columns – because I know that she has a nanny and a driver to take care of her kids. So she’s not really the one doing hands-on work, right? So whatever tips she has are, for me, not authentic. So I’m not listening. I will only listen to a mom who herself has taken care of her children.

I will be busy during the day now, because my aunt and cousin are arriving in Sweden from Turkey. Tuwa has a big plan, too – to wear blue eyeshadow while they’re here. (Where in the world did she get such silly plan anyway?!)

By the way, my sister and her hubby are writing fiction for children. So you see, mom and I are not the only ones with wild imagination in the family. I wish my sister and her hubby make it – so she can spoil me like hell when she hits big. (Oh, the ideas of an egoistic diva! Well, she loves me. And I love her lots, too! Wink, wink).

PS I missed my Circle class.