Monday. My first summer vacation day. I started the morning with ashtanga yoga and yinyoga (two hours, yeah!) at this expensive gym, Drivkraft Solna, where I have been member for over two years now. Hubby forced me to go to the gym since I haven’t been going there for the last few months – since I got sick in December.

I used to be a devoted (amateur) yogi. But I got bored with the breathing exercises. But ashtanga yoga, I found out, is challenging. So there will be a second time.

As to yinyoga, it is always like a massage, but with the instructor Katja, it is rather slightly more difficult than the usual yinyoga at the gym. I was the only “young” one in the group. Many of them are probably over 70. And if they could bend and stretch – then I had to show some stretching skills myself!

Lovely day really – until it was time to clean. I cleaned yesterday then I clean again today. And tomorrow I will clean some more! Years ago when we hired a cleaner twice a week, I thought she wasn’t fast enough, considering she came to us five hours a day. Now I realized that cleaning is not to take lightly.

But I am quite satisfied with the results. It’s just that I am far from over. Today I finished the living room and the balcony. And moments when I was scrubbing the balcony glass (and hoping not to lose my balance and fall six floors down) I  thanked God I have my journalist job. I often complain about how stressed I am at work, but scrubbing and cleaning is worse!

Tuwa is sleeping at Caro’s today. I will miss her persistent pestering and disturbance. When she said goodbye, she kissed me so many times – in the neck, cheeks, lips. She even brought my nightshirt with her – “because it smelled of you. I will sniff it, and it’s like mama”.

Don’t words like that just melt a mother’s heart?

Anyway, I finished watching the film inspired by the book “Go-between” by Harold Pinter. Now I have started with “Good lies” about the lost children of Sudan. I always watch films while folding and ironing clothes. There is nothing that helps me forget the torment of needing to do house chores than good old films.

Now I have time to blog. And I also have to make time to write my book. I am going to be an author within five years, remember? (Yes, just let me dream on).

Anyway, my friend Dinah asked me how to start a blog. She is the second friend to serve me that question. Oh, disciples want to learn! Cool! (Dinah. if you are reading this, I will write you soon.)

PS Four hours later, at past eleven, Caro called. Tuwa wanted to go home. So hubby drove to Nacka to pick her up. When Tuwa came home, we welcomed her with chips and watermelon party. She was wearing my nightshirt by the way.