I am writing this down to remind myself why I blog.

1. I have the need to jot down notes. Based on experience, I lose notebooks. But having notes in cyberspace can help me find them wherever I may be.

2. I am an exhibitionist. I like showing what I do. (I have the app Evernote but I like sharing my thought – whether or not people happen to read it).

3. I like taking photos and sharing them. Not just to a click of friends and family, but to anyone who may seem interested.

4. I like playing with lay-outs. It shows that I can create a homepage, and can manipulate the design.

5. I like practicing my English. I used to be paid as a journalist for an english newspaper in Oman as well as for being a creative writer in the Philippines, but in the past 12 years I am paid to write in Swedish. I miss English. I need to polish it because I am writing my fairy tale book in English.

6. But I do have a question remaining: why blog when I already have micro blogs like Facebook and instagram? But I guess my point number four explains why. I show off my lay-outing skill by blogging.