Up to the last minute I could not decide what topic to write about for the summer column in Upsala Nya Tidning, UNT. For weeks my mind was keen on writing about shrunken hippocampus. But there were two signs that stopped me.

Last saturday I met a woman who did not understand exactly what it was. And the way she chose to interpret it was rather scary. As though it were a bad mental disease.

It made me stop and think of the consequences of uttering a word about shrunken hippocampus. People who choose to interpret it the wrong way may distort the information and take advantage of people who are working on their shrunken hippocampus.

Marcus also stopped me from writing it. I knew he meant the best for me.

So I wrote a quite ironic, slightly amusing column about how ignorance helped me be a journalist in Sweden.

When the feature editor in UNT read it she said it was good, very inspiring.

That is exactly how I like it. Inspiring. Thanks, Socrates for the inspiration.

(Foto taken in Rasnov, Romania by Tuwa Lindstrom