As I was checking files to delete, I chanced upon a folder with documents including my old work goals, written 2011.

The document showed my long–term work goals from 2011 until 2015.

Obviously I was pushing myself to be more confident, to dare take more place.


It was a time when I was too docile. I had been living in Sweden then for eleven years and yet I felt I was still some kind of a charity project and social experiment for which reason I got the job as an editor/journalist.

There were some people who treated me as such and made sure that I was aware of it.

These people hurt me. But they made me stronger. They made me want to be a better version of myself: tougher, more confident and smarter.

Now I am that. Thanks also to social media that helped me flaunt my alter ego that has slowly taken over the insecure foreigner that I was.


There are goals that have not been fulfilled due to lack of funds and reorganisation such as a book about Sigtunabygden and a chain of photo exhibits for Sigtunabygden. But in all, I am satisfied with the outcome.

Today two people made sure how they see me. It is the evidence to the result I have been trying to achieve these past few years.

Former colleague, photographer Nina Leijonhuvud, said that I was good both in photography and writing. That she has followed my development and admires my stylishness. She said it through FB.

A soon-to-be-priest who I bumped into this morning thanked me for the inspiration I share every day in social media. I am doing a good journalistic job and that I should continue doing it. She said to me straight from the heart.


Of course I am pleased. I have worked so hard for five years to gain that trust and confidence.