I met a new friend at Skytteholmsparken yesterday. She is friendly, easy-going and decent. She is quite new in Sweden, just four years.

She told me that renting in Solna is expensive. They own their apartment now, but before that, they rented and paid around 15 000 crowns for a two-bedroom unit. It reminds me of what my new neighbor said – that they currently rent a one-bedroom apartment for 12 000 crowns.

But they accept the price because Solna is a good municipality. I have been hearing it a lot these days, especially from proud foreigners, that Solna is the super municipality in Sweden. I have read it a lot, too, from newspapers. Solna is top 2 best place to live in Sweden according to statistics by Fokus and Dagens Samhälle, för instance. It is also the super municipality 2016.

I feel tickled because we live in Solna. We bought our place here. I bought a studio apartment in the beginning, while hubby lived in his own top apartment, then when we married we sold our condos to buy the one we are living in now. Sometimes, I have the tendency to take it for granted.

Extra special is Råsunda in Sweden. According to my new friend, she heard from Swedish friends that Solna is rich but snobbish. Extra snobbish are the people living in Råsunda – where the really expensive apartments and houses are. Especially the new high-rise modern condos.

I smiled. In May 2017, we are going to move there. In a new, modern condo that an interior designer helped us design ourselves. I really feel proud.

She asked me where I live in the Philippines. I said I live in Serendra, and her pupils widened. She said I am rich. Only the rich live there. With guards at the gate that keep trespassers at bay.

You know, moments like this, I really feel I have arrived.

Jeanina has arrived.