A citadel made of stones and bricks, with wooden gates and platforms. Quite charming indeed.

The fort has two courts – an exterior and interior. The exterior courtyard is one big grassy area with a stone formation – of what used to be a chapel.  The inner courtyard has several tile-roofed houses – some of them used as stores.

The fort was built in the Middle Ages, and only once was it besieged by invaders – due to lack of water.

We took a car ride to get there from Bran. I think it took around 30 minutes by car to reach Rasnov.

We parked behind a white house a few blocks from the hill with the Hollywood-style sign “Rasnov”. We walked towards the square of this sleepy town and missed the sign to the funical ride. As we were ascending, both Marcus and I felt that we missed the funicular station. So we decided to ask people instead. But they couldn’t speak English. Luckily, we bumped into a young man who understood us.

I made a video to give a better look inside the citadel. Here’s the youtube-link: “The fortress in Rasnov”