I wrote about the queen twice in UNT:s thursday column.

I wrote about the queen twice in UNT:s thursday column.

She was the queen of our kingdom. Snow White.

We bought her on August 2014 because Tuwa wanted so much to have a pet.

My hands tamed her. I remember placing food in her tiny bowl, and when she sat in the bowl to eat, I took the whole bowl and scooped it in my hand – bowl and Snow White and all.

It was through that that she got used to my hands combing through her fur, my nose through her head.

Later, my hands introduced her to a smaller pair of hands. These hands became her play friends.

And a pair of bigger hands that later became her strong, loyal protector.

We built a kingdom of wood for her, a playground made of duplo pieces, and labyrinth that she could chew through. She played parkour in the branches of our Christmas tree.

But even someone as fair as Snow White could get old, too. We saw her slow down, like an old lady always wanting to sit down and sleep.

Then one summer day, she slept forever. Not a kiss could bring her back.

I would like to remember that Anna and her family took care of her, too, while we were abroad. Carro kept her for a few days. And Noc scooped her up when she had died.

We will always love Snow White.

Here is the youtube-link to her funeral: “In Memory of Snow White”