Conacul means mansion. We stayed at the Bratescu mansion in Bran, Romania.

Bran and the Transylvanian region is the main reason I wanted to go to Romania. I wanted to see Dracula’s castle. I know it’s a hype. I know that the real man behind the character Dracula, i.e. Vlad the Impaler, stayed only a few days in Bran castle aka Dracula’s castle. But just the same, I wanted to see that castle. After all, even big wigs like Johnny Depp and Alice Cooper came to see Dracula’s castle (a day ahead of us). I think it’s an interesting medieval castlle. Perhaps not as ravishing as Peles castle in Romania, but I like its labyrinth-like design.

Anyway, we stayed at the best hotel in the area – at least according to Conacul Bratescu got the best review so far.

It’s a small family-run hotel in a Tudor-inspired house. We liked our stay there.

The owners run the place on their own. We met the owner, Radu. And by jove, they make really a good lamb dish.

Check out my video of the place in my youtube channel: Our stay at Conacul Bratescu