It feels so good – that our 133-year old hyperlocal newspaper Sigtunabygden won Årets initiativ in the branch organization Gratistidningar in Sweden.

In the motivation, it was mentioned that other newspapers use social media, but we had more ambition. Social media made it easy for people to reach us, as well as it was for us to reach others. Seven days a week. Any time of the day. (Although it’s mostly our readers who reach us anytime of the day – and I am not complaining! wink, wink).

The way we use social media distinguishes from others.


We film, we make picture collages, one of us – Jens Flyckt – has a blog that reaches thousands. Another colleague, Maria Larsdotter, made a viral video about a 70+ Lucia.

I started our Instagram-account and videomaking, and made sure to expand our social network. It is after my speciality – to be likeable.

And of course, we wouldn’t have the time and energy to do all that without the full support and blessings of our editor, Anna Orring, always behind the scene, but is the wind that blows our sails.

Our higher bosses, Catrin Pihl and Åsa Pallarp Beckman, have been like Santa Claus, always giving us tools to facilitate our work.

And our salesteam is a leading team in Upsala Nya Tidning and made sure that “bread and butter” are brought to the table – so we can all economically survive.


I knew we had a strong chance of winning. And we did. Triumph tastes so good. Like a bubbly bottle of champagne.


Footnote: Sigtunabygden is one of Upsala Nya Tidning’s strongest products – a local newspaper that caters to residents of Sigtuna kommun.