imageI was in Fojo four years ago, so I still have quite clear memories of the place.

Fojo is a media institute that gives further education to professional journalists.

I remember being very impressed the very first time I went to a weeklong course there. The education was free for selected students. The national union of journalists, SJF, together with employers pay for the education fees. The boarding house and breakfast are also free.

So in one small, basic room, there is a bed, toilet, desk with a little ancient tv, and a cabinet. It is good enough for someone who just comes in to sleep there at night – since the journalists are always out.

There’s a common kitchen where there’s salt, oil, pepper, kitchen equipment and many other necessary tools.

In the bedroom there is a bedsheet, blanket, towel and all-round soap. But there isn’t any shampoo – unless you want to use the soap as shampoo.

It’s my fourth time to stay there, and it’s noticeable that the house and the rooms have aged.

It is still clean, but the house may need some refurbishing soon.

I flew to Kalmar city sunday 17 april.