It was a tough day back then. Brussels was attacked by mad IS terrorists. While focusing on writing articles, two men got inte my nerves.

An interview person who wanted to bite me into pieces just because he could not admit he would like to change his comments. Instead, he pinpointed that everything I wrote was wrong.

And another man underestimating my social media knowledge – “what is so special, so geeky about being able to do that?” he asked in a sarcastic way.

I find it irritating that some middle-aged men could be such “small thinkers”. And they are not the only ones who snipe at me, or complain to bosses about me. Luckily, my bosses know how I am as a person and worker, and do not listen to such egoistic people who simply want to chop me down.

In this light, I am reminded by the book “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David Schwartz about salvaging  something from every setback. To just calm down, and find out what caused the trouble. And simply persist in my work. The bulldog persistence.

And when little people try to drive me down – think big:

  • refuse to fight.
  • expect to be sniped at
  • Feel sorry for the snipers – they are psychologically sick.
  • Think big enough to be immune to attacks of petty people.

Now here’s David Schwart’s word of advise in helping others correct their mistakes:

Avoid sarcasm. Avoid being cynical. Avoid taking people down a peg or two. Avoid putting others in their place.

Always ask – what is the human way to deal with people?