Today I need to be inspired. Energized. So I open the book “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David Schwartz to help me keep sight of my goals. Here are some notes:

  • People who live and breathe success find life stimulating, rewarding, worthwhile. They look forward to each new day as adventures to be lived fully.
  • People who tell you it cannot be done – the opinions of these people can be poison. Don’t let them destroy your plan.
  • Warning: Negators are everywhere, taking delight in sabotaging others’ positive progress.
  • Cling to people who think progressively. Move upward with them.
  • Get plenty of psychological sunshine. Don’t let your days be marked by boredom.  Don’t suffer “cabin fever”.
  • Circulate in new groups. Select friends who are interested in positive things.
  • Develop an instinct for quality. It pays.
  • Jealous people want to see you stumble.  Don’t give them that satisfaction.image
  • Enthusiasm makes things feel better. To develop this – use the “dig-into-it-deeper technique.
  • In everything you do, life it up. Your smile, your thank yous, your handshake.
  • Broadcast good news.
  • Whenever you leave a person, ask yourself: “Does that person honestly feel better because he has talked with me?
  • It pays to make “little” people feel like big people, and big people feel even better.
  • People who do not have a feeling of self-importance are slated for mediocrity. You must feel important to succeed.
  • Treating someone as second-class never gets you first-class results.
  • Don’t hog glory.
  • Give your family planned attention.
  • Put service first – and money takes care of itself – as always.
  • Always give people more that they expect to get. Call it “money seeds”. Plant service and harvest money.image
    Nothing comes merely by thinking about it. So be an ACTIVATIONIST. Take action, get things done, and follow through ideas and plans.
  • The test of a successful person is not the ability to eliminate all problems before he takes action, but the ability to find solutions to difficulties encountered.
  • Don’t bury your idea deep in a mental graveyard, by seeing all reasons why a project would fail. Don’t be afraid to act on good ideas.
  • A good idea, if not acted upon, produces psychological pain.
  • ACTION CURES FEAR. (Put things off and it will get harder to make.) Practical exercises: 1. Jump right into unpleasant chores and just do it, without a lot of deliberation. 2. Use pen-and-paper technique for focus.
  • Thinking in terms of NOW get things done. But thinking in terms of SOMETIME usually means failure. In short, take the bull by the horns. Get down – pronto!
  • Get the speak up habit. Each time you speak up, you strengthen yourself. Come forward with constructive ideas.
  • Be a CRUSADER. A volunteer. An eager beaver. Do what has to be done.