Blog Pink houseHubby chose for us to visit Eureka, not because it is a popular tourist place. Rather, it is the hometown of his favorite band, Mr Bungle.

As we drove into the town, I was quite unimpressed. The town seemed gray and it was cold. But as we ventured into the Old Town, we got impressed by colorful Victorian houses, among them the famous Carson Mansion, which is said to be the grandest Victorian home in the USA. It was the home of lumber baron William Carson, built around 1880. It’s not a museum, though, so it was not open to the public when we were there 2012. It is a private men’s club. How discriminating against women. It’s high time they let women see how it looks inside. Or are there just particular kind of women they let in there?

The pink Victorian house opposite Carson Mansion is a wedding gift to the lumber baron’s son.

We were inside some art galleries and shops in Eureka, and I have to say they had really pretty and unique stuffs there. We bought a nice coat for my four-year old daughter, books, a bag. I wish though that we bought some art pieces. I thought those art pieces could be seen elsewhere in California during our road trip, but I was wrong.