Today’s date is 16-year old Emma Liambi who recently released her debut single.

I met her the first time when she started in the group Dreampack when she was but eleven years old. And now, five years later, she still has her eyes set on making it in the music world. Backing her is music producer Robin Alm. I have also written about him years ago when he was an artist.

It makes me feel old. But I sure am happy to follow creative people’s careers.

Hanna Olsson, who once freelanced for Sigtunabygden (she submitted her articles to me at one point), is also now  a singer in the rock band Nocean. The band has recently released its debut album and is out on a European tour. I chatted with her through FB today.

I follow young musicians’ careers and watch them grow. I have followed prize-winning classical musician Sebastian Stevensson’s beginning and victory, celebrated when Jens Hult made well in Idol and when rapper Mike Hammer rubbed elbows with radio stars. And whenever I wish to talk to them – it’s just to chat with them through fb and set a date. They remember me, and never say no.

Foto of Emma Liambi by Jeanina Santiago