Don’t mind if snobs say it takes years to master the art of oenology. Dare go to a tasting room and pretend you know what to do.

Here are some basics in wine tasting – at least in California – according to Lonely Planet.

  • No smoking.
  • No perfume and scented soaps.
  • Don’t get drunk. Use the spit bucket.
  • Linger over the wine’s aroma and color before sipping.
  • No gum chewing.
  • Control your criticism – just in case you happen to stand near the winemaker.
  • Try unfamiliar wines.
  • Ask questions. But if you don’t get assistance, then just leave.
  • For picnic at the winery – especially Sonoma Valley – buy a bottle of the host’s wine.
  • Don’t get intimidated by snobs.

Thank you, Lonely Planet!


“Luxuriated” at Napa Valley