Blog SF motel 3 behOn our five-day visit in San Francisco July 2012, we decided to stay in Marina Motel – because it is among the oldest motels in the country. The concept of motel, you see, is Californian – according to my assumptions.

The word motel originated from Milestone Mo-tel in Obispo, California built in 1925. And Marina Motel in San Francisco is just 14 years younger (built in 1939), aged 84 when we we there. Hence, our curiosity.

Other stuffs introduced by California to the world: Pc, iPods, Google and the internet, among others. Besides “motel”.

In the Philippines, we have motels, too. But they’re for short visits intended for sexual play. Thus, they are called love hotels. But in the US, they are motor hotels with parking garage.

Marina Motel is charming with a Spanish-Mediterranean look and a quiet courtyard lined with cerese bougainvillea. But the rooms are quite small. So upon arrival, and seeing how small a room is, we took an extra room, annexed to our room. My four-year old daughter loved playing house in the rooms.

Marina Motel is on Lombard Street, a very nice, very good district, according to my relative from San Francisco, Kuya Dodge. It was walking distance to the Palace of Fine Arts.

It was at Marina Motel that we met Kuya Dodge for the first time. I was both excited and nervous, as I rushed down the stairs. He stood on the parking lot, all smiles and warmth. It felt like I have known him for a long time. He is one of those warm, down-to-earth loving distant relatives that you can’t help but love.

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