Big thinkers, according to David Schwartz, author of the classic international bestseller The Magic of Thinking Big” (first published 1959):

  • are specialists in creating positive, forward-looking pictures in their minds and the minds of others.
  • avoids the petty cut-him-down language.
  • Visualizes what can be done in the future
  • adds value to self, others and things
  • Rub shoulders with other success-oriented people. Stimulation from others is excellent mind food. Mix with people outside your occupational area and social interest to stimulate you.
  • Concentrate on what others are saying.

    My notes

    My notes

What makes a good speaker: she has something to say and wants people to hear it.

Counter tradition paralysis: Traditional thinking is personal enemy number one for the person interested in creative personal success.

Don’t let ideas escape – write them down. Then cultivate and  fertilize them. Believe it can be done.


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