I’m a late bloomer when it comes to make-up.  Now at 45, I developed an interest in it, especially because I see the difference to what it does to my face now that my skin isn’t as clear. What used to be shiny brown has become dull grey, thanks to the sun that hardly shines in this part of the world.


The notes I am taking down now is about make-up base – to get the most of my make-up. I got the tips from make-up boutique Kicks in Sweden.

1. Primer. I used Smashbox. But before the primer, I see to it that my face is clean. Then the serum and cream. Then face oil. (Funny, I thought earlier that oil was used to clean the face, and so I washed and oiled my face. Wrong!

2. Foundation. I have been using Dior, Bobby Brown and Lancome.

3. Concealer – to cover blemishes and dark rings around the eyes. Cream concealer to cover blemishes and pen concealer for rings around the eyes. (YSL Touche Éclat is best, but right now I use Bobby Brown).

4. Transparent powder – to fix the make-up in place (this I will try soon).

5. If there’s extra money: bronzer, rouge or highlighter for the cheeks and bridge of the nose: Perhaps I will try Kicks Sculpting Trio.

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