A buffet of salmon and eggs.

A buffet of salmon and eggs.

Eggs and twigs as easter decorations.

Eggs and twigs as easter decorations.

This year, we are cautious about traveling after all the terrorist acts in Europe. We decided to just take it easy and celebrated easter with my daughter’s grandpa, grandpa’s wife and grandpa’s wife’s family.

Giving tulips, daffodils, rabbit chocolates is common. Handpainted eggs, colorful chicks and roosters  and birch twigs with motleys “feather sprays” are used as easter ornaments. It’s screaming yellow in a lot of places.

We celebrated on Black Friday. As a child in the Philippines, I rememember keeping that particular day as a fasting day, hence we ate fish. In Sweden,  we ate a lot of eggs and salmon – in various guises, together with caviar and vegetables.

And what is any Swedish tradition without the customary dishes: meatballs, prinskorv (tiny sausages), and Jansson’s temptation (anchovies).

It’s almost like Christmas – where kids receive egg-shaped packages containing lots of candies.

Anyway, I would like to thank Jeanette, Ulf, Freddan, Cilla, Coki, Edward and Philip for giving our family a great time. Meeting them and talking about all possible topics, spiced with crazy, funny and often awesome ideas, is like bathing in psychological sunshine.

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