Photo: Marcus Lindström

Photo: Marcus Lindström

We squeezed in Kuya Dodge in our schedule when we were in San Francisco July 13-17, 2012. Prior to this, I had not seen my relative for many years. He left the Philippines for good when he was seven years old.

He wanted to treat us to his favorite Brazilian restaurant, but before that, he showed us Old St. Mary’s church, the catholic church that he religiously visited on Sundays since he came to the USA. The church stands on what was once a red-light district.

Kuya Dodge recalled that in the beginning of his stay in the country, he felt sad, removed from old friends and relatives. He found refuge in this church.

It was interesting to see that the church has also an image of the Lady of Guadalupe. I grew up going to Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in the Philippines – at the street named after this image of Mary. In fact, I lived on that street with my family, and our house was less than a thousand meters from the church. I suppose the Lady of Guadalupe is popular among catholics in North America, South America and Asia.

Big photo: Marcus Lindström

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