With Ariel Photo: Jeanina Santiago

With Ariel

We visited Disneyland in Anaheim in April 2013, non-peak season. Even then, the queues were long. We consider it a part of grandpa, farfar Ulf’s gift, to Tuwa and hubby.

Our LA-based friends, Tonette and Rene Dionisio, visited us at Camelot Inn, had dinner with us and later helped us find the entrance and ticket booth and inquired information. Thanks, Tonette!

We got in with multi-day park hopper tickets for two days.

Since our daughter was but five years old, we thought that a two-day visit was enough: one day for each park – Disneyland Park and the newer Disney’s California Adventure.

Thanks, farfar Ulf! We loved Disneyland! (More links to related blog posts about Disneyland below).

We stayed at Camelot Inn in Anaheim. It’s a simple inn with a nice facade and most importantly, it is very near, just walking distance to the happiest place on eart, that is Disneyland. What irked me though was that the inn (as of 2013) didn’t have free wifi. I mean, for the state (California) where internet is born, I think there ought to be free wifis in hotels, inns and other tourist places to impress international visitors! CAlifornia is after all the birthplace of internet.

Here are some tips based on our experience:

  • To avoid even longer queues, come weekdays rather than weekends.
  • Whether it’s summer or another season, bring a hat and sunblock. We were there in springtime, but we had sun protection anyway. We don’t want wrinkles now, do we?

    Camelot Inn, where we stayed for three nights and four days.

    Camelot Inn, where we stayed for three nights and four days.

  • Avoid eating lunch at noon, eat earlier or later, to avoid the long waiting in restaurants, especially the cheap restos. We were desperate for food that we chose the more expensive restaurants. The expensive choice also gave us the chance to meet several Disney princesses – because they came to us, to each table.
  • Be prepared to wait 15-20 minutes for the shortest lines. Over 30 minutes for the longest lines.


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