It was a pleasure to meet 100-year old Ruth Lindström.

I came around 1 pm to her retirement home, Ärlinghem, right before her party.

I was surprised to see a woman whose hair is dyed brunette and whose voice is loud and strong.

She rolled in with her “walker”, talked in a loud and almost baritone voice. She was energetic!

Ruth Lindström was a domestic helper, got married at 21, bore seven children and became a widow at 39. She had to take care of her children aged 8-18. That was tough. Tougher yet, she survived and lived long enough to see her children reach retirement age.

She said that her secret formula was to just “live, live, live”.What she meant was to just keep going, even when life gets rough.

Here’s my article about her in Sigtunabygden/UNT: “Det är bara att leva och leva.”

I also remember meeting a century old artist last year: “Inspired by a century-old artist.”