It’s a small world is a classic attraction. I remember that I saw it in a film or on TV when I was young.

On our visit to Disneyland, California – with my five-year old daughter – it felt somewhat special. Although, now when she is eight years old, she can hardly remember the attraction. (Meaning: we have to go back to Disneyland again?).

Outside the building with its turrets, minarets and towers.

Outside the building with its turrets, minarets and towers. Photos: Jeanina Santiago

In this attraction, we queued long (although the line was actually shorter than others). From outside it looked like a building with lots of blue and white turrets, towers and minarets.

When it was finally our turn, we hopped onto a boat and into a dark tunnel which later revealed a small underground world with many singing and dancing animatronic dolls which represented different countries, as manifested in the clothes and background sceneries. The ride was around 15 minutes.

The attraction has been around since 1960’s but in 2009, they added new Disney characters.

Anyway, I thought that all animatronic dolls are made to be cute. But then again I read in Wiki that even T-Rex in Jurassic Park is an animatron. Mr Potato head in Toy Story, too. As well as that devilish Furby, also called animatronics pet. I actually despise Furby. My daughter has one and it reminds me of a gremlin always snickering and babbling endlessly until it falls asleep.

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