Sleeping Beauty's Castle at night.

Sleeping Beauty’s Castle at night.

Upon entering Disneyland, we came to an area called Main Street, USA. It looks like a small turn-of-the-20th century town. According to Lonely Planet, it is fashioned after Walt Disney’s hometown in Missouri. There were plenty of shops and the employees (called cast members) were upbeat. It was easy to catch the optimism and cheerfulness.

Main Street ends in the Central Plaza and from there we saw the pink Sleeping Beauty castle lording over happy Disneyland. During the day, the castle looked simpler, but at night, when lights illuminated the castle, it looked dazzling.

Sleeping Beauty Castle is inspired by the Bavarian Castle, Neuschwanstein – my favorite castle ever. But of course, it is a much smaller copy of the gigantic original.

(Check this link to read about Neuschwanstein castle: “Neuschwanstein, my favorite castle”)

The way Sleeping Beauty castle has been painted reminds me though of Pena National Palace in Sintra, Portugal. Pena uses yellow while Sleeping beauty castle uses pink. Both use those candy-colors that attract children.

(Read about Pena National Palace in my old blog sarimanok: “Pena – a storybook palace”) Check my rewrite in my new blog about Penas as well: “Pena – a storybook palace”.)

Sleeping Beauty Castle looks taller from a distance because of optical illusion. It was created to look taller through a process called forced perspective where the base and foundations are larger and the turrets are smaller.

With Princess Aurora.

With Princess Aurora.

Inside the castle, I felt nostalgic listening to the piped-in song “When you wish upon a star.” It reminds me of my childhood wishes. Of traveling and writing, and enjoying life. And all that I have now – not because of a prince, but because of sheer ambition.

If I were to wish for my daughter – it would not be about finding and bagging her prince. It would be about turning herself into a queen through her own strong will and intellect, a charming attitude, and a good heart. Not somebody dependent on a man and living a tai-tai’s life ever after.

She would make her own fortune and would be happy ever after. If she found a partner – be it a man or a woman – then it would be somebody who would be worthy. And if she didn’t find anyone, then who cares? She would still feel complete.

That’s what I wish upon a star.

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