The picture above dominated a wall in Upsala Nya Tidning’s headquarter. It showed a group picture onstage, the night UNT won newspaper of the year 2013.

That moment was unforgettable for me. Mediehuset UNT, which I work for, is a “lesser God” compared to the other nominees – Aftonbladet and Dagens Nyheter, DN.  These two are giants in the news world in Sweden. And we won over them.

Mediehuset UNT dominates in Uppsala region and it has many products besides the flagship newspaper, Upsala Nya Tidning. It has free local newspapers and its own TV-channel.

I came to the gala that night to represent one of its leading free newspapers, Sigtunabygden.  That is why if you look closely, standing near the former general manager Hanne Stjarne and star reporter Elin Sandow – is moi.

Besides newspaper of the year, UNT also Exposé of the Year 2015. And other design prizes – in Sweden and in Europe.