imageAccording to the book “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David Schwartz, one should have monthly goals with the purpose of improving oneself and becoming a fullfledged big thinker.

The book is a classic self-help book published for the first time in 1959. It can be quite conservative and patriarchal, but many of the things the author wrote are still applicable. After all, it is about willing the mind to do what you want. The author died 1987, bless him, but it feels wonderful that he left this book behind.

So, he suggested a 30-day improvement guide:

From today March 16-April 16, these are habits I will try to break:

1.Putting off things. (Damn!)
2. Negative language. (Oops)
3. Watching TV more than an hour a day.
4. Gossip. (How boring!)

And acquire these habits:

  1. Having a smart appearance before going out to see the world. (is this really necessary?)
  2. Plan each day’s work the night before.
  3. Compliment people sincerely at every opportunity.

Increase my value to my employer by:

  1. Doing a better job!
  2. Learning more about my company, what it does and the customers it serves.
  3. Make three specific suggestions to help my company become more efficient.

Increase my value to my home:

  1. Show more appreciation for the little things my loved ones do.
  2. Once each week, do something special with the family (I am good at this actually!)
  3. Give one hour each day of undivided attention to my little one.

Sharpen my mind:

  1. Invest two hours each week in reading professional magazines in my field.
  2. Read one self-help book – to find ideas. (I read one already, yay!)
  3. Make new friends (today I met the web reporter Ida and Antonio boss in UNT’s distribution)
  4. Spend 30 minutes quiet time daily. (Is blogging considered that?)

Let’s see if a conscious daily effort within a month will work! If it does, I swear I will let my child read this when she turns 12. 🙂

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