Reception building

Reception building

For the umpteenth time, I am visiting Sigtunaskolan humanistiska läroverket, SSHL – known as the boarding school where Sweden’s king, Carl XVI, studied.

It is the school for the rich, the elite, but recently it has been having a bad name because of its elitism and hazing. Even former student Agnes Hellström has criticised her school in her books.

The new principal, Margaret Benedikz, however tries to give the school a new image. I interviewed her when she started working there. The school accepts students from middle class families now, too.

Other famous students, besides my friend Agnes Hellström, is film maker Daniel Espinosa, former prime minister Olof Palme, artist Povel Ramel, banker Annika Falkengren and the ultra-wealthy Wallenbergs.

Olov Holst, a politician in Sigtuna, went also to SSHL.

I can imagine that this school can be helpful in finding friends with “right connection”.

Anyway, speaking of the king, I had a close encounter with him when he visited SSHL some years ago. He sat right across the aisle and I took photos, since I covered the royal visit to Sigtuna.

The students always wear sharp-looking uniforms – nicer than the uniforms I had as a student in the Philippines.

My daughter said she would never like to wear uniforms because they are unusual. I said perhaps in Sweden it is uncommon, but in the Philippines, many grade school and high school students have uniforms. It kept the kids from comparing what they are wearing. Although I would suggest sharp-looking uniforms (wink, wink).