imageFjärilshuset, or butterfly house in Solna (Stockholm) is a great escape from winter.

We live nearby, hardly ten minutes by car, from the butterfly house. There we enjoy warm tropical heat – that reminds me of my homeland – when it is freezing cold outside.

But it is small, so a maximum of two hours is actually enough to see the whole place and eat some snacks.

I was here with Tuwa and Alina. They enjoyed the koi fish. They were tempted to touch, but these days, a sign says it’s forbidden. They laughed at the newly installed mirrors that showed funny reflections of themselves. Then we counted butterflies.

imageOnce again, Tuwa sees the axolotl and wants to have one as a pet. Alina didn’t like the looks of giant African snails, but I said they taste good. I ate those at Sheraton hotel in Nigeria.

We listened for a good quarter to a lecture about sharks before checking out a short film show in English.

The “cage” where a 3D-shark smashed a window added nervous fun.