Sir Patric belongs to an order that existed since the time of the crusades. And he is the only real knight I have met so far.

He came to Rosersberg castle, one of the royal castles in Sweden, for a joust that his group, the Nordic Knights, arranged. Jousts are annual events held in the summer, during medieval festivals.

Sir Patrick is dubbed into the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem – or the Order of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, which is the world’t oldest surviving order of chivalry. In the old days, say 11th century, the order gave medical care for pilgrims during the period of the crusades.

Nowadays, the order still gives medical assistance to refugees and the poor, among others. It’s a catholic order.

I guess that the order still survives because they have done a good job, not like some crusaders who just killed and plundered. They focused on medical assistance.

I interviewed him for my work.