With Terry Mcleod

With Terry Mcleod

I interviewed Coree Richards from the British R&B band, Damage, which was popular in the 1990s. Coree Richards was “discovered” when he was heard singing at a bus stop.

He was temporarily in Märsta, Sweden in 2012 to enocurage youngsters to follow their hearts and musical dreams. He was invited by music producer Terry McLeod to guest the event, “Dreampack Concert”.

Dreampack has later become a Märsta-based music group consisting of different young potentials, including Nick Hammer and Jens Hult.

Terry McLeod bagged the newspaper Sigtunabygdens profile prize for this youth-oriented musical project.

Jens Hult became popular in Sweden through his involvement in Idol 2013. I called him “the singing carpenter” in my articles.

And rapper Nick Hammer’s music has recently been aired often on Swedish Radio, Sveriges Radio.