My cousin, the pediatrician from the Philippines, is coming to Sweden. So what I am doing now is to jot down my plan of action and link to helpful sites.


Researchwork which ended in these:

  1. Here’s a link to the steps how to apply for a schengen visa to Sweden. 
  2. Here’s a link to documents required: checklist for visiting relatives. 
  3. Here’s a link regarding travel insurance. In this link there are also other important details like visa fees, photo specs, etc
  4. These are what are expected of me:
    Original Copy of Invitation form no. 241011 – comletely filled out and signed by the inviting person.  This form can be downloaded and printed from the Embassy’s website.
    Original Copy of Civic registration certificate (personbevis) of the inviting person
    Photocopy of proof of sufficient funds of the inviting person/sponsor – three most recent payslips, pension statement, statement of account for the past three months.

From what I read, it takes 2-5 days to process the papers. But in another link, it takes approximately 15 days.

Applicants are advised to apply several weeks before their intended journey, but not more than 90 days in advance.



I had many questions, so I called Migrationsverket in Sweden. This is the link showing the requirements.

I mentioned that I find it sensitive to show family and relatives my economic information. So I was advised to seal the envelope and note “For the embassy only” before sending to my relatives.

Then I got the link to the “invitation for visit” in Swedish. And here is the english version.

Note that some foreign authorities might have special regulations. Check this with the embassy. In 2010, I needed to meet a notarius publicus to sign the invitation. Is that necessary nowadays?