The radio car.

The radio car.

Sveriges Radio (Swedish Radio), SR Radio Stockholm gave me my very first full-time job as a journalist.

SR Radio Stockholm is a very prestigious company to work for. It is Sweden’s biggest local radio channel, with over 300 000 listeners daily. It felt unbelievable that I worked there, only after living for four years in Sweden.

The challenge as radio news reporter, besides the Swedish language, was driving to different places in Stockholm county at a time when GPS was not available in the radio cars, and when Iphones were not around yet. I worked for SR 2004-2005. Later though, I worked in the summer of 2010, and the tasks got easier through Google, GPS and the Iphone.

I also freelanced for the culture channel P1 Kultur. I went to Nigeria and the Philippines to make radio documentaries.

For my Nigerian radio work, I met important female authors who wrote with a feminist point of view, popular artists who sang about socio-political situations in the country, and tribal markings, among others.

For my Philippine work, I followed volunteers who underwent crucifixion during Lenten season, and also wrote about the good and evil of the national sport, cockfighting.