We bought this condo five years ago, when it was still made of air. Meaning, it was not yet built.

My sister, big brother and brother-in-law recommended us about the developers, Ayala Land, which is said to be the best developer in the country. That it does its best to fulfill its plans. So we purchased a unit.

We were so focused on paying the condo so that within a year, we were loan-free. All due to three jobs (mine and hubby’s), shopping awareness (I remember choosing to save over buying that new red dress for Christmas, for instance) and focus on paying for this new condo.

We still traveled a lot, six times a year. But we avoided buying an overload of souvenirs.

After paying  the complete loan for the Philippines, and after paying a great deal for our current residential home in Sweden, it was time to take it easy. Holding two jobs was good enough.

I will be showing more pics of our Serendra Meranti home later.