It’s my Thursday in Upsala Nya Tidning’s Morning column. The vignette is thereby called “Jeaninas torsdag”.

I was so excited. I recommended three tips in Upsala. Then I shared my own reflection – about the newspaper being a helpful tool to learn the language.

I told about the cleaner I caught reading Sigtunabygden on his break. So I even gave him a copy of Upsala Nya Tidning, UNT. He was glad, but confessed that his swedish was bad. But that he liked “reading” newspapers anyway, and listening to audiobooks while mopping the floor.

Then I mentioned that I myself worked as a newspaper delivery girl for a short time, when I came to Sweden. (I was a writer in the Philippines, a PR-officer in Malaysia and journalist in Oman but in Sweden – I had to start from scratch because I could not speak Swedish!) I remembered crying in the train once, because I could not understand news articles that I loved to read. But through my newspaper delivery work, I got hold of extra papers, that I read every day. I copied the language of the journalists of Sigtunabygden and UNT. And voila, now they are my dear and wonderful colleagues.

I also gave recipe tips – which is actually my husband’s. I am not a great kitchenmate.

I will be writing again for this column. How I hope I can continue doing so for at least a year.

How I got the chance to write there? The editor happened to follow me on Instagram. Read this: “Jeanina’s Thursday in UNT”